Religious vs. Spiritual

I grew up in  home that believed in a monotheistic religion – God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  I just believed it – it was ingrained in my being – it was a part of my history.  We worshiped in a sacred  building that we visited weekly – Sunday mornings, sometimes Sunday nights, Wednesdays for youth group and Bible study.  Even school revolved around Christianity.  I never questioned it – it was just what we did – just like brushing my teeth every morning and night – it was a habit.

This “habit” was so strong that the first university I attended was  conservative, fundamentalist and  Christian located in Canada.   Extremely academic, the focus of this college  was on serving God, living a life that was pleasing to God and of course, finding your spouse.  I made it one year and decided this was not for me.  There was one positive surprise though – I took a World History course and suddenly realized that many of the stories I had read about in the old testament of the Bible, were very similar to the stories of other religions and the term globalization suddenly made since – there was so much overlap between the myths .  I began to question not so much who I believed in, but realized the metanarrative myths were shared by many religions and all viewed these stories as ways to interpret life and to teach ethical and responsible behavior. The creation story, the flood, Jesus teachings were myths shared by many religions.

University as been an eyeopener.  Do I really believe that my many ethnic friends are going to hell because we don’t believe in the same God?  I find it hard to believe that my faith has that special power that gets me into heaven and they are damned to hell.  They are equally as devout and “religious” as I am.   Many of my friends now define themselves as “spiritual” rather than associated with one religion let alone, one denomination. And I guess that’s who I am – spiritual, still believing in the trinity, still living a life that is above reproach and suddenly understanding my dad who says “his real church is in the mountains”.

I strive toward spiritual transformation – to find meaning that defines who I am.  Religion takes on a new meaning then – I’m still tied and bound to God who governs my destiny, but I think he gives me great freedom to question and pursue my destiny which ultimately is with Him.   And my sacred space too, is in the mountains – experiencing creation to the fullest with friends and family.  

English: a Venn diagram-like symbol for the Ch...

English: a Venn diagram-like symbol for the Christian Trinity (God the Father, God the Son, and the Holy Spirit) Deutsch: Symbol der Dreifaltigkeit/Dreieinigkeit (blau: Dreifaltigkeit, türkis: Dreieinigkeit, grün: Monotheismus) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




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