Hallelujah Jesus!


             King David from the Old Testament in the Bible was the first Pentecostals, dancing and rejoicing before the Lord in his underwear (2 Samuel 6:14)!  Being filled with the Holy Spirit isn’t something new – the Holy Spirit actually chose men in the Old Testament other than David – The Spirit “came upon” such Old Testament people as Joshua (Numbers 27:18) and even Saul (1 Samuel 10:10).

In the book of Judges, the Spirit came upon the various judges that God raised up to deliver Israel from their oppressors. The Holy Spirit came upon these individuals for specific tasks. The indwelling was a sign of God’s favor upon that individual (in the case of David), and if God’s favor left an individual, the Spirit would depart (e.g., in Saul’s case in 1 Samuel 16:14). Finally, the Spirit “coming upon” an individual doesn’t always indicate that person’s spiritual condition (e.g., Saul, Samson, and many of the judges). So, while in the New Testament the Spirit only indwells believers and that indwelling is permanent, the Spirit came upon certain Old Testament individuals for a specific task, irrespective of their spiritual condition. Once the task was completed, the Spirit presumably departed from that person.

In the New Testament, the Holy Spirit is part of the Trinity – God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit isn’t a ghost but a personal force that teaches, guides, comforts and intercedes for believers.  The Christian who is indwelt by the Spirit is indwelt by God. (Moody)

I don’t think the film truly represents the Charismatic movement – there are many people that are filled with the Holy Spirit that worship in fundamental churches; the modern worship services I attend at Bellevue Presbyterian church is a Pente-Presbyterian church – people sing, raise their hands and at times, the Holy Spirit moves in someone and they may act different.  These same conservatives have had many healing ceremonies while on short term mission trips in other countries.  I think if you aren’t a Christian, you would think the entire worship service odd and make something much more of it than need be.

Pentecostalism and related charismatic movements represent one of the fastest-growing segments of global Christianity. At least 1/4 of the world’s 2 billion Christians are thought to be members of these lively, highly personal faiths, which emphasize such spiritually renewing “gifts of the Holy Spirit” as speaking in tongues, divine healing and prophesying. Even more than other Christians, pentecostals and other renewalists believe that God, acting through the Holy Spirit, continues to play a direct, active role in everyday life .  Pentecostalism, and its related “renewalist” or “spirit-filled” movements, was one of the most influential developments in global Christianity in the 20th century, and it is poised to have an even greater influence in the 21st century. Nowhere is this more evident than in the “global South,” where pentecostalism is reshaping the social, political and economic landscape of many countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia (Pew).


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