The Lost Treasure by Mustafa Honsi

Start anything you do with the name of God; our substance comes from God alone.

Forget all the worries that encumber you; trust in God and no one can hurt you.

When you need help, turn only to God.

Always rely on God, the merciful, only God can turn a desert into a benign torrent.

Even if your heart is burning with grief, only God can grant relief.

You may suffer life’s misfortune, but with a heart filled with faith, a dream of the Prophet Muhammad will grant you peace.

And if you are patient, life’s misfortune, but with a heart filled with faith, a dream of the Prophet Muhammad will grant you peace.

And if you are patient, you earn God’s pleasure and He will wash away your sadness.

Caught in the darkness of grief, turn to God and repent for your relief.

If God wills you to visit His house, and you attain the honor of praying next to the Prophet Muhammad’s grave, whom would you praise and give thanks to for all blessings but God?

In the Islam religion there is only one God.  Muslims believe that God is one and incomparable.  They believe their purpose in life is to love and serve God.  The religious concepts and practice include the five pillars of Islam and while found in the Qur’an, they are considered an obligation and foundation of Muslim life and touch every aspect of life and society.  The five pillars are sung about in Islamic music.

God is described and referred to by certain names or attributes, the most common being Al-Rahmān, meaning “The Compassionate” and Al-Rahīm, meaning “The Merciful” and He is viewed as a personal God who responds whenever a person in need or distress calls Him.  Muslims have a direct line to God through prayer.

Considering some of the Islamic extremists, I can see how the words of this song could be a comfort to both the extremists as well as, families and individuals who have been touched by terrorism.  Music for centuries has been written around these themes; popular music today still continues to sing about trust in God, prayer, looking to God when you are suffering, grief and life’s misfortunes.  God is the only one that can give you protection and relief   This music seems to reflect thoughts, attitudes and the anguish felt by so many Muslims today.

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